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You lay on the hotel bed flipping through the channels on the TV. The hotel phone rang as you settled on a cooking channel. Not that you could understand it anyway, but it the host was making German Chocolate cake. You muted the TV and grabbed the phone.

“My sunflower! I heard about the accident, how are you feeling?” Ivan said from the other end.
“Alright, just bored.” you said.
“Well you won't be bored any longer, cause I'm here again.” Ivan said.

There was a knock at the door right then. You got up and answered it.
“Ivan, what part of 'I'm undercover' don't you get?” you said, feeling a little annoyed, as sweet as it was.
“Da, I know, but this is a emergency, you're hurt and I'm here to take care of you.” Ivan said with a big smile.

He quickly swept you off your feet and put you back on the bed.
“I shall make it better with kisses, da?”

He kissed you gently on the lips; his right hand slipping under your neck and into your hair. His other hand slipped around your waist. You closed your eyes and let yourself slip away into this moment of bliss. His kisses moved from your lips to your cheek and the down your neck.

You opened your eyes and pushed gently on Ivan's chest.
“Ivan...” you said softly.

He lifted his head and looked down at you.
“What's wrong sunflower?” he asked.
“As much as I love this, we need to talk.” you said.

Ivan laid down on his side next to you; propping himself up on his elbow.

“Did you talk to your boss?” you asked.
“I did, but he wants you to stay longer. I even told him about your broken arm, but he still said no. That's why I'm here, I thought I come here and take care of you. Don't worry I'll stay out of sight. No one will know I'm here.” Ivan said kissing you on the nose.

You bit your lip, “Well, actually Ludwig offered for me to stay with him.”

Ivan's expression changed like it did before.
“Oh, I see.”
“Come on, it's just like you said, only a few more months. He has two friends staying with him as well, so it's not like I'm going to be completely alone with him.” you assured him.
“I understand. The boss would be mad if you didn't go anyway.” Ivan said, sitting up.

You sat up too and put your arms around his waist.
“I know this is kind of weird situation, but it's my way of showing my gratitude to you for taking me in all those years ago.”

Suddenly Ivan turn around and pushed you back onto the bed. Wrapping his arms around you, careful not to hit your arm, he buried his face in the crook of your neck. He felt his head then shift and his lips brush against your ear.
“You are one with me da.”

It sounded more like a statement than a question. You felt nervous again. Why was he acting like this?

Just then your phone rang and Ivan sat up.
“Do you want to get that?” He asked.
“Um...yeah.” you said sitting up yourself.

You reached over and grabbed it.
“Hallo, ______.”

It was Ludwig. You mouth that to Ivan and he stood up and walked out on the balcony.

“Hi, Ludwig.” you said.
“Have you thought about my offer?” he asked.
“Yes and I'd be happy to come and stay with you.” you said in a cheery voice.
“Gut, I'm glad. Vhat time should I pick you up?” he asked.
“Um, sometime this afternoon would be good. How about 3:00?” you said.
“Ja, that sounds gut. I'll see you then.” he said.
“See you then, Ludwig. Bye.”

“So you're going?” Ivan asked.
“Yes. I better get packed.” you said.

You quickly walked over to him and embraced him tightly with your good arm.
“I'll miss you. You know I bet you I won't find anything and I'll be back home before you know it.” you told him.
Ivan smiled, “Probably. I hope so.” He went over and grabbed your suitcase. “Here, I'll help you pack.”
“Thank you.”


It was afternoon now, and the time on your watch said 2:45. You knew Ludwig would be here soon. You're lugage was packed and sitting on the bed.

'I'd better go get checked out.' you said to yourself, grabbing your suitcase.

You felt nervous as you left your room and boarded the elevator. Yet it wasn't like the nervousness you felt about coming here, it was more the nervous you got before a performance. An excited nervousness. You faced palmed. Why were you excited?

This was part of the job; staying with Ludwig. Very handsome, sweet, sexy Ludwig... you face palmed again. You also realized how grateful you were that no one else was in the elevator to see you facepalming.

You couldn't have feelings for him, you just couldn't.
The elevator ding as it settled on the lobby floor. You quickly stepped out and headed to the counter to check out.

Just as you did Ludwig walked into the hotel. He wasn't alone though. With him was a strange pale man, with white hair and red eyes and a almost permanent smirk on his face. It occurred to you that this was the albino, Prussia or Gilbert, Ludwig's brother. You had read about him in Ludwig's profile.

Ludwig smiled at you when he saw you, but it faded when Gilbert elbowed and winked at him knowingly. Ludwig scowled at him and turned back to you, the smile slowly returning.

“Hallo, ______.” he said.

“Hi, Ludwig. Who's your friend?” you asked.

“Oh, um this is my brother, Gilbert. A bit of a nuiciance.” Ludwig said, annoyance clear in his voice.

“Vhat?! I am the AWESOME Gilbert! You're only annoyed because you can't stand my awesomeness.”
Gilbert smiled at you, “It's nice to meet you, ______. My bruder can't seem to shut up about you. I can see vhy.”

You felt yourself blush at the thought of Ludwig talking about you and Ludwig matched it. His face almost as red as a tomato.

Gilbert snickered, “Isn't that right, bruder?”

“Shut up, Gilbert”

Ludwig took your bag to the car, while you checked out. Gilbert followed after him saying a few more things to Ludwig, who was clearly close to strangling his brother. You laughed quietly to yourself. They were definitely brothers.

After checking out you walked out and met them at their car. Ludwig held open the passenger door like he always did and you got in.

***( mini time skip)

There had been one thing Ludwig had failed to mention and that was which of his places they would be staying in. Ludwig technically owned a lot of the mansions and castles in Germany, since he is Germany. He hadn't told you this beforehand, but you didn't care, because it was an awesome surprise.

You stood at the entrance of Neuschwanstein Castle or King Ludwig's castle, the grandest castle in Bavaria. Just the entrance to the castle was grand, with a mix of red bricks and beautifully carved stone. Two large wooden gate doors sat open, leading into the large courtyard.

You looked over at Ludwig who gave you small smile.
“You like it?” he asked.
“It's amazing! Didn't know I would get to be treated like royalty.” you said.
“Come on, I'll show you inside.” Ludwig said taking your suitcase and leading you inside.
The two of you walked though the large courtyard to a large flight of stairs leading into the actual castle. Gilbert followed behind, carrying the rest of the luggage, which Ludwig had made him do. Once inside you found yourself agape again at the grandiose interior.

“Wow...” you breathed, “It's beautiful, a little gaudy, but beautiful.”
“King Ludvig's tastes vere, vell eccentric. He actually had a theater set designer create the palace instead of an architect.” Ludwig said. “I'll show you where you're staying.”

You followed him up a several floors and through a couple hallways. You hoped you wouldn't get lost. Finally you reached a lovely dark wood door at the end of a hallway. Ludwig opened it and showed you in. It looked as decorative as the rest of the castle, with intricate carvings on the walls and large murals.  A elegant chandelier hung from the high set ceiling. A full sized bed sat on the far side of the room with a set of table and chairs across from it. The colors of the furniture and curtains were blue and an emerald green and a massive rug stretch across the hardwood floor.

“This is your room.” Ludwig said.
“Really? This is just awesome.” you exclaimed.

You quickly hugged Ludwig using your good arm. He stiffened with surprise at first, but then quickly relaxed and hugged you back.

“Thank so much.” you told him.
“You're velcome. _______.”

He let go of you and started to leave, but turned back to look at you, “Get comfortable, I have to go make sure all the servants arrived and that preparations for dinner is on the vay. I'll come get you vhen it's time.” he said.

“Alright, see you later then.” you said with a smile.

He smiled back, a slight blush appearing on his face and then left.

You went over to the bed and laid on it. Everything was just perfect. Guilt again gripped your heart, but you pushed it away. Just for now, just for tonight you didn't want to think about spying or uncovering secrets. You just wanted to enjoy this moment.
I'm so so so sorry for this long wait, been so busy, I was moving, got sick twice, school... it's crazy, but I won't burden you with my life, instead enjoy this Germany story! Next chapter will definitely be something to look forward to.

I do not own Germany or you.
You belong to Germany <3
I do not own the picture.
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